Conigital Group to lead on Project MACAM for commercialising Self-Driving Vehicles

We today announce that Conigital has been selected as a leading partner in the Multi-Area Connected Automated Mobility (MACAM) Project, a collaborative initiative led by Conigital. This project will introduce self-driving fleets that provide passenger and logistics services around Birmingham International rail station and Birmingham Business Park through the National Exhibition Centre and around Coventry University.   

Two fleets totalling 13 vehicles will provide dual-purpose self-driving transport services for both passenger and parcel operations. The self-driving operations in these complex environments will be supported by Conigital’s Remote Monitoring and Tele-Operation (RMTO) leveraging 5G connectivity to ensure a safe and seamless transition to autonomous driving. This technology will allow Conigital to use L4 self-driving capability to operate vehicles without the physical drivers in the vehicle.   

In the MACAM Project Conigital will be working as a Project Lead, Technology Provider and in the Assessment on the public roads.   

Studies will be conducted to assess passenger valuations and potential pricing for our L4 vehicles. Our goal is to have a clear route to commercialisation at the NEC and Coventry University by the end of the project. We aim for a successful trial and will continue to expand services beyond the project commercially.   

Don Dhaliwal, CEO, Conigital said, ‘We are excited to lead MACAM Project, as part of our commitment to advancing the autonomous vehicle industry. We, along with our consortium partners, are fully prepared and dedicated to bringing this exciting project to completion and driving positive change to transportation in the UK. This project represents a significant step towards shaping the future of transportation and we look forward to its successful implementation.’  

The consortium is made up of Conigital (lead partner), NEC/Solihull operations (supported by Solihull Council and the NEC), Coventry University Campus operations (supported by Coventry City Council), the West Midlands Combined Authority (operating the service and providing a shared operations centre), IPG & dRISK (providing an innovative integrated toolchain), the WMG, University of Warwick (independent safety assurance), Coventry University (transport services customer and research partner), and Direct Line (expertise on repairability and costs for self-driving vehicles).  

We are incredibly excited to work with our partners in leading the way in automated mobility and look forward to seeing the possibilities this innovative technology can bring. 


Notes to Editors  

The government is awarding almost £42 million to 7 projects through the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) Commercialising Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) competition. Industry consortia will match the public grant to around £84 million and will be expected to demonstrate a sustainable commercial service by 2025.


Formed in 2015, Conigital are a British, autonomous vehicle software development company based in Midlands developing an end-to-end vehicle software platform to enable any vehicle, in any industry to drive autonomous with a vision of cleaner, greener and safer mobility for all. 

For further information about Conigital please visit and follow us on LinkedIn (Conigital Group) and Twitter (@conigital) 

Project partners include: National Exhibition Centre Ltd, Direct Line Group, Coventry City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, WMG, University of Warwick, Coventry University, dRisk.AI, IPG Automotive and West Midlands Combined Authority   

For more information please contact:  

MACAM Support Team