Nitin Patel: From Mentor to Strategic Investor – A Visionary Journey

Birmingham, 31 October 2023 – Conigital, the trailblazing force in autonomous transportation technology, proudly announces Nitin Patel’s extraordinary transformation from mentor to strategic investor, embodying Conigital’s visionary potential. 

Nitin Patel, an accomplished leader in general management and operational excellence, brings a wealth of expertise to Conigital. As a seasoned CEO, he has been instrumental in shaping strategies, driving innovation, and optimizing operations, both domestically and internationally. 

Nitin’s illustrious career includes notable contributions to private companies, fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, ultimately enhancing business growth in the UK and various global markets. 

Notably, Nitin spent a substantial portion of his early career at General Motors, where he held the esteemed position of European Powertrain Manager, headquartered in Zurich. His leadership left an enduring mark on the company’s global operations, revolutionizing design, innovation, and manufacturing. 

Nitin Patel commented  “I am excited to be a strategic investor, contributing to Conigital’s future success and sharing my lessons learnt in the Automotive sector, I’ve seen the companies great potential and my early stage investment akin to early investors in Unicorns like Uber and Alibaba, some of whom became millionaires” 

Nitin  is a graduate in manufacturing from the University of Bath and a fellow in manufacturing management at Cass Business School. Beyond his professional success, he is a devoted family man and enjoys leisure activities such as golf and sports spectating. 

Nitin Patel’s current influential roles include: 

    • Coaching and Mentoring at Judge Business School, Cambridge: Actively engaged in the Accelerate Cambridge Program, offering mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

    • Partnership with University of Essex – Angels@Essex Investment Platform: Playing a pivotal role in supporting startup ventures, fostering readiness for investment, and contributing to raising over £30 million. 

    • Business Board Director of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority: Formulating policies and providing support to SMEs and innovative startups, driving rapid growth. 

    • Non-Executive Involvement in a Middle East Manufacturing Business: Shaping the European product and market strategy for this enterprise, contributing to its development in the region. 

Nitin Patel’s journey from mentor to investor is a testament to Conigital’s appeal and the transformative impact it has in the autonomous transportation technology sector. The company’s dedication to innovation continues to attract influential figures who share its vision for revolutionizing the future of transportation. 

Don Dhaliwal, CEO of Conigital, stated, “Our aim is to build a diverse community of passionate advocates who go beyond traditional VC support. We’re actively seeking angel and community investors to shape Conigital’s future and champion innovation in the cities and industries where we operate.” 

If you wish to join Nitin as a early stage investor and advisor, please express your interest in this SeedLegals page: