Moving ahead: A driverless transport future JANUARY 22, 2021

" The core focus of our business is driverless vehicles and how we can integrate them into our future smart cities. " say Don Dhaliwal

Don Dhaliwal, Conigital’s founder was recently interviewed for a Birmingham Business publication and shed light on the company’s ambitious global plans to disrupt the driverless transport industry.


The in-depth article delves into the inspiration behind Don’s mission to democratise autonomous transport.  And, how the company’s approach to research and insights from user engagement has informed the development of the ConICav product suite of services that enable transport authorities and organisations to optimize their fleets and provide a seamless consumer journey from door to door.

Discover how proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence play a lead role in the ground breaking ConICAV™ product suite of services.  And, the very latest on the UK first retrofitted driverless Airport Bus trial at Southampton Airport.  Read the full article here, Birmingham Business Article